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Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Most Difficult Language Learned at the World

Studying a foreign language is not easy. There is a different letter, the wording of the ordinary, until the pronunciation of foreign words on the tongue. According to the study, one most easily learn the language and wording similar to the pronunciation of everyday language. Each language possessed different levels of difficulty. Here are five of the most difficult languages ​​to learn, as quoted from wolipop.com.

1. Chinese Language
Chinese language is considered difficult to study because so much emphasis on intonation. Emphasis different intonation can make sense of the spoken word is very different. Not only that, thousands of Chinese characters are difficult and complicated to make a language that is quite popular in the world is more difficult to learn.

2. Arabic
For a European, Arabic has very little resemblance to their language. Reading the article in Arabic is also considered somewhat difficult because the pronunciation of vowels are somewhat different from English. Just like Chinese, Arabic letters also one difficulty if you want to quickly learn the language. Change fonts in different sentences when a combined letter also makes it more challenging to learn Arabic.

3. Japanese
Again, a complex language with a letter in this list. Japan, like many thousands of characters known to have different properties. In addition to the thousands of characters, there are three ways of writing and two types syllabary makes people have to have a strong memory when studying Japanese.

4. Korean
Grammar, sentence comprehension, and different verb conjugations make Korean language is not a language that is easily absorbed. In addition to the use of word structure, Korean letters that are not less complex language origin also make K-Pop stars are difficult to learn quickly.

5. Hungarian
Hungarian is considered difficult to learn because it does not have a similar or the same family with any language. Unlike the Indonesian language has some similarities with the Malay language, Hungarian language is not similar to any language. Therefore one has to start from scratch to learn.

Another difficulty when studying the Hungarian language is a language has a word for the mention of the nature of feminine, masculine, and gender neutral. In addition, seven different conjugates also makes the language a country located on the continent of Europe is increasingly complex to be understood immediately.